Official Singapore Idol Blog

Official Singapore Idol Blog

This is my last task before i wrap up my very own Idol journey. I headed down to the Marina Bay floating platform earlier to cover my idols for their rehearsals for the countdown tonight. Fresh in their minds were their last spectacular finale held on the 27th December. It was our hot conversational topic. Our newly crowned idol, Sezairi looks relatively tired with all the media interviews and whatnots.

It’s Wednesday and by right it supposedly is Idol day, oh well. We are all suffering from Idol withdrawal symptoms.

It feels empty right now but meeting each other was good all over again, though i foresee some of them are ready to lead into different directions of life once all these are over. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of our friendship; that’s for sure. Now, how about a good show later as it is our last!

Rehearsals were pretty long, but we’re used to it haha thanks to Idol, anyway here are the pictures below, if you have not been following my tweets 😛

A little promo for the show, because our idol family and anyone related to idol is giving their last performance of the year! They are…

Catch your Singapore Idol, Sezairi Sezali together with his camaraderies, performing during the show. Also not forgetting during the pre-show [which is not shown on tv] Our Singapore Idol together with his well acclaimed band, Juxtapose will groove and rock the platform down! How about Sezairi coming up with a band like Chris Daughtry? Awesome isn’t?!

Our resident heart throb, Farhan Shah will get into his element with his band, Heregoesnoth!ng. I went down to his gigs before and guys you must not miss this at all, unfortunately it will not be show on television, whatelse.. COME ON DOWN!

Our favourite ex-promo intern at Mediacorp will also be appearing during the preshow together with his regionally famous duo, Sleeq. Catch Syarif and Alif at the countdown belting out their famous hits from their album that is massively acclaimed overseas! Show them some love :]

Well, you guys can’t miss all these entertaining acts, and if you have not figured out what to do for New Year, come down to the Marina Floating Platform aka THE FLOAT and party with us! Tickets are available at all sistic outlets and costs only $30. If you attended Singapore Idol Finals last Sunday and you still have your ticket stub, show it at the ticketing counter and you’ll get $10 off the original price!

How fantastic is that? So guys, i’ll be waiting for you at the platform tonight! :]