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  • 何家劲为郑惠玉洗澡“不好意思”
  • 金城武被爆日本秘密造人
  • 后年起 母语口试分数比重提高
  • 公众购票反映热烈 网站停顿电话占线


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  • “Magic horizon” a miracle in the world!

  • Who is the most sexy male artist of the year? Come and vote in our polls!


DV Campus

The fifth series of DV campus is about to re-attack! We will begin collecting student work from July 1, the deadline is November 14. See ways to join! Students here can enjoy last year’s championship and other works.

New campus! Let the new dynamic network correspondent, hit the campus size things, let you know a little more on the green campus! What happened to your campus to share with you? Quickly join the ranks of the new dynamic network of campus correspondents.

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喜喜 busy bee busy me有一點遲鈍 但在東京的兩個星期 終於讓我明白 何謂春暖花開 何謂優雅社會 何謂健全的交通系統   但凡事有利必有弊 即使是世界第二大經濟體也不例外 語言不通 是這次日本之行的最大遺憾 一鍋米養百種人 有人讓你覺得賓至如歸 也有人讓你覺得很不受歡迎 可能就是因為言語障礙 讓某些人更害怕回答遊客問不完的問題 無論如何 還是很慶幸能和至親摯愛的人 共度美得冒泡的春天 原來櫻花有這麼多顏色 还可以制成料理吃进肚  原來天冷 皮肤真的会好很多 😛 原来金枪鱼能如此新鲜...

Official Singapore Idol Blog

This is my last task before i wrap up my very own Idol journey. I headed down to the Marina Bay floating platform earlier to cover my idols for their rehearsals for the countdown tonight. Fresh in their minds were their last spectacular finale held on the 27th...